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Four Pens, 四枝筆

由小四、咨咨、BIBO所組成, 以三人名字中的「四」、「咨」、「B」三字, 取諧音「四枝筆」為團名。

四枝筆樂團的團長 BIBO 在一個機會下看到一句話「藝術家的責任是在沒有太陽時製造陽光」,這句話成為了四枝筆的創作方向,希望四枝筆的歌曲擁有正面力量,能夠讓流淚的人靠著肩膀放心大哭、讓疲累的人補充能源繼續前進、讓需要陪伴的人感到溫暖不再孤單,聽著四枝筆,就覺得有人懂你的感受,陪著你笑,陪著你哭,一起躺在草地上看星星,再一起收拾行李回家,就像好朋友一樣!要是有一首歌曲能成為一個聽眾的好朋友,我們就會開心的唱下去。



Four Pens is a three piece band from Taiwan formed in 2011.

Their name derived from a combination of the three members names, which in Taiwanese means “Four Pens”. Members include vocalist Candace, vocalist-guitarist-song writer Bibo and melodica - metallophone player, Sunny.

Four Pens is best known for their dual vocals and vast variety of accompanying instruments. Their songs feature lyrics about life in the hopes that their music can be a companion for the listener.


Four Pens have already released two EPs with theme regarding time : AM 6:57 and PM 11:59. Each album features songs that provide a suitable atmosphere and energy for their respective titles.

The band has much experience performing in live houses and music festivals in Taiwan. They have also toured internationally throughout Japan in cities such as Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto in 2014.

2017/7 柔軟的海 |  ソフト海 復出巡迴 (台北、加古川、京都、神戶)

2015/3 T- fest 明日音樂祭
2015/3 專輯「One Day」日本巡迴(大阪、東京、廣島、神戶)
2014/10 POP! POP! FEST 臺日交流音樂祭
2014/10 大彩虹音樂節 Rainbow Bay Festival
2014/9 搖滾臺中 Rock In Taichung Festival
2014/9 巨獸搖滾 Beastie Rock
2014/7 Wake up 音樂祭

2014/2 日本冬季巡迴Japan Tour:東京 京都 大阪 Tokyo Kyoto Osaka

2013/9 巨獸搖滾 Beastie Rock


2013/7 金曲音樂節 Golden Music Exposition

2013/4 春天吶喊 Spring Scream


2012/7 金曲音樂節 Golden Music Exposition

2011/12 夢想音樂節demo market  Dreaming Fest.

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